What We Offer

Halal Bites has been designed and built with in mind what a concerned foodie needs who cares about his/her food.


Halal Bites makes it simple for you to search for the best Halal places around you. The search feature allows you to find restaurants of your liking.

Restaurant Details

Halal Bites will provide you with everything that you need to know about a restaurant such as, cuisine offered, location, business timings, and much more.


Halal Bites also comes with the integration of Google Maps so that you can find your way easily to the restaurant.

Easy to Use

Halal Bites has been designed with ease of use in mind so that you get all your information within seconds and can make your decision as quickly as you want without any much delay.

Social Media Integration

You will also enjoy what your friends have been eating and what they recommend. You may even build new relations around the food that you love.


Halal Bites will be available on Android smart phones so that you can enjoy the experience of discovering new places to eat with you where ever you go.

Help Us Build Halal Bites

Halal Bites will be soon be available on the latest of Android smart phones. Sign Up for the beta program and help us in building an experience of a lifetime.

Verified Restaurants

We verify the restaurants for you so that you do not have to.

F.A.T Fried and Tasty
Brunswick East
Fried Chicken
Coburger & Co
Recommended Dish: Classy Coburger Chick
Sweets & Spice
Pakistani, Indian
Recommended Dish: Chicken Biryani
Recommended Dish: Chicken grilled Burger
Namak Mandi
Brunswick East
Pakistani, Indian
Cafe Corretto
Recommended Dish: Cardinale Pasta
Roza Cafe
Betty's Burger